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Messing Around with Disarmament and International Security

Making First Committee A Little Less Boring

Welcome to First Committee Fun!, an innovative new online resource for the overworked and understimulated multilateral diplomat, proudly brought to you by Wildfire>_ and anonymous accomplices. Here you can while away the long hours in the conference room with an entertaining variety of games, quizzes, polls, jokes, commentary and cartoons. Check back daily! We promise to make the First Committee experience much less painful for everyone. And there are prizes too!

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Let's get started with a look back at the exhilarating glory of the 2013 First Committee.

There were some fine words uttered at the 2013 First Committee - here we have compiled four of the best quotations. Vote for your favourite!

What was the best quote of the 2013First Committee?

What are you doing about the unacceptable humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons?

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Nuke of the day

What does a nuclear detonation actually look like? Watch Stephen Colbert's unforgettable impression:

"General Assembly resolutions are cigarette butts by the highway of history"

- anonymous Australian diplomat