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Messing Around with Disarmament and International Security

Making First Committee A Little Less Boring


We regret that, due to circumstances beyond our control, our second week coverage was hopeless. Sorry. But don't give up on First Committee Fun! Join us for Week 3, where we have lots of amusing mayhem planned. See you there!

Welcome to the second week!

First Committee is really warming up. We'll have more quizzes, polls and games a bit later, but to get in the mood for tackling the sorry state of disarmament, let's kick off with this excellent and hilarious video from John Oliver:

Great Moments in Nuclear Disarmament

In case you missed it on Twitter, over the next few days we'll run some of our Great Moments in Nuclear Disarmament series here. Here's one:

Great Moments in Nuclear Disarmament #3: The Indefinite Extension of the NPT, 1995