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Messing Around with Disarmament and International Security

Making First Committee A Little Less Boring

Week three - day one of the thematic debate on nuclear disarmament

Well, there were certainly some fine efforts. The New Zealand-led statement on the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons, joined by 155 states, was a highlight. It certainly made the Australian-led counter-statement look particularly weaselly (and pointless - what does it actually say?). What a pity the weasels didn't go with this draft.

But as always it was the unintentional messages that provided the most entertainment. Some of the best were those from nuclear-armed states encouraging others to join them. Vote for your favourite below.

Poll - best attempt to encourage the acquisition of nuclear weapons

Which of these statements did themost to encourage proliferation ofnuclear weapons?

Do-as-we-say-not-as-we-do Department: Monday Results

The score:

No. of weasel states calling for reduction of the role of nuclear weapons in security doctrines: 23

No. of weasel states mentioning any step they themselves have taken, or plan to take, to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in their security doctrines: 0

Welcome to week three!

Plenty to look forward to this week, as the First Committee turns to the thematic debate on nuclear disarmament. We'll be keeping an eye on the rhetorical contortions of the P5: will any of them be able to top the UK's immortal line from the 2014 NPT PrepCom: "We consider that nuclear weapons have helped to guarantee our security, and that of our allies, for decades. We want a world without them..."? And then there's Incredible India - will we see this revealing quote from Rajiv Gandhi trotted out again?

But most of all, we'll be watching the weasels. What weaselly delights do they have in store for us?

Weasel side-event: not to be missed!

We heartily recommend this side-event hosted by Japan, the Netherlands and the Global Security Institute. Come and learn how "steps" that have utterly failed to be taken are magically transformed into a workable strategy when they are called "building blocks" instead. The difference? You can do the building blocks in any order... or not!

Anyway, please come and help our weasel friends pretend to do something in order to deflect unwelcome attention from their own dependence on nuclear weapons and reluctance to do anything about that.

Have the weasels seen the light?

Australia is once again organising a weasel counter-statement to the New Zealand-led widely-supported statement on the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons. We were looking forward to having a good laugh at more weasel antics. But then this draft fell into our hands. It's quite remarkably insightful and constructive. Have the weasels actually paid attention to our Weasel Recovery Program? It seems too much to hope for - and yet there it is in black and white. Let's see how the final version comes out...